Internet marketing is effective use of social media and the Interweb to promote your business. The reach of the internet has made it possible for individuals and organizations to interact better with each other. E-commerce is strengthened by wise internet marketing strategies using well-built web pages, portals, newsletters, emails and posts on social media.

If you are a small business, you could accelerate growth of your venture by making good use of what the Internet has to offer. Here are a few pointers to make your internet marketing strategies effective and at the same time on a minimal budget:

Know your market

Knowledge matters, especially if you are a small startup. Keep yourself informed on how the market works – focus on your target audience, learn their interest, map their behavior. Use this wisdom in designing audience-specific internet marketing strategies. When you focus on the crowd that you know will make use of your service, your chances at converting viewer into customers increase manifold!

Start local

Try to reach out to a local consumer base initially. This can cut down on inventory and transportation costs, apart from working within your internet marketing budget. Once you start building a steady buyer base, word gets out and boosts your image regionally. A positive local buyer review section makes a remote buyer invest confidently in your offering.

Be visible, be interesting

Make sure you take full advantage of all the free marketing tools the internet can offer. Put up profiles and ads on every social media site there is. Use different types of content on each site. Email newsletters, press releases, hold short contests, be relevant, original and interesting.

Engage better


Don’t just talk to customers, listen to them. Respond actively, address their concerns swiftly, and always be there for them. Emails, messages and tweets are free Web services and in turn, build you a loyal audience.

Keywords are the key

Be generous with keywords and make good use of search engines. The right kind of words can lead a simple user on a search engine, right to your doorstep.

Armed with knowledge about the market and your audience, you can expand your customer base by using effective internet marketing strategies that are easy on your pocket. Read Internet Marketing in Singapore to learn exciting budget- friendly possibilities to generate more profit for your small business.